A Scott Lowe Special: “The Chucker Revolution” | Winter 2009

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Contributor Scott Lowe checks in with a fantastic interview with Chuck Kirr, aka “The Chucker”. As you know, we’ve partnered with BigAppleAirchecks often in the past, and interestingly enough, Mr. Lowe contacted US about posting this great piece of work himself.

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Scott Lowe describes this interview:

I recently interviewed “Chucker” (formerly from WKBW, WFUN, WTIX + others) and assembled a fast paced 45 minute audio documentary that combines the Q&A with sample airchecks from each station he was at. I put the whole thing together with special thanks to Matt Seinberg, for access to the master reels that belonged to Chucker.

What you will hear is simply a wonderful piece of work.

“The Chucker Revolution”

In the 70’s, Chucker’s career stops included Top 40 heavyweights like WKBW Buffalo, WFUN Miami and WTIX New Orleans. Today, he calls himself Dr.Dr. and owns Oldies, WZPH-LP “The Zephyr” in Zephyrhills, FL.

How did Chucker wind up on the station roof to talk down a man with a gun? Did he really sink his PD’s boat during a casual jock meeting? How many centuries would it take to play one billion songs in a row? Originally produced in late 2009 for Big Apple Airchecks, Scott Lowe sat down with “Doc” for a fast paced interview that answers all of these questions and features classic airchecks from his career. You will also hear on-air samples from WRIT Milwaukee, WFLB Fayetteville, WGOW Chattanooga and much more!

Note: Former WFUN DJ Alan Polasky has partnered with another WFUN jock to create a great tribute site to the great WFUN 790 – Click this link to head to www.wfuntribute.com. Thanks to Alan Polasky for sending along the correction!