Sly Stone, 1450 KSOL San Francisco | 1967

Sly Stone In the Studio

Station: 1450 KSOL (KSAN/KEST) San Francisco (Wikipedia)
Format: Soul
Branded: “Soul Radio”
Featured Air Personality: Sly Stone
Aircheck #1,600

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(Smokey Robinson) proved to be a gassy, very gassy, talented cat…

Curator’s Notes:

Found!  Another one of those ultra-rare airchecks of Sly Stone from his radio career before he became a well known musician.  This came in with no date written on it, however, just taking a guess, by the music snippets inside the recording that this is from sometime in 1967 (typo corrected).  Not much for elements here.  One KSOL “Soul Radio” jingle played ad-nauseum between nearly every record.  A commerical for Schlitz Malt Liquor (better than ‘local’ brews?  What local brews were available in 1964?).  No cigarette ads in this one.

In a bit of relatable programming, Stone counts the number of songs played in a row.  Did KSOL use a ‘more music’ approach’ to its format in the modern sense?

Anyone with some inside knowledge of how 1450 KSOL was programmed during this period is cordially invited to comment (below).