South Florida Composite, 1975

100.7 Miami WHYI Y-100

Airchexx Audio First

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This aircheck is so old that there’s no trace of 95.9 WLEQ, heard here as “Super-Q”.  Most of this composite is from WLEQ, with a bit of Y-100 and 94 Rock.

I have to say, after hearing this for the first time, “Super-Q” is super-hot!  The format moves along at light speed and it’s fun to listen to, even if the jocks do ‘puke’.  You’ll notice that there’s only a few versions of the Super-Q jingle.  Without the benefit of hearing this unscoped, it’s hard to tell if the jingles were used sparingly or out of every element, but as with many Top 40 stations in 1974, the station used all the elements in its toolbox to present the music in as uptempo fashion as possible. Fast-forward this recording to about the 3/4th mark and there’s something called “94 Rock”. This was an automated Top 40/Album Rock hybrid station. No live jocks, everything pre-recorded. It reminds me of Drake / Chenault’s automated Adult Contemporary format that I worked at a ‘live-assist’ station (WFMP Fitchburg), only here, with Top 40 music. It was different than anything on AM, and certainly more laid-back than the FM Top 40 stations of the day. Most notably about this station and others like it, the weather breaks were dry with no music bed underneath, same for any kind of backsells, which usually came already recorded on the music reels.


This aircheck was donated several years ago by one who shall remain anonymous as per his wishes. This one IS already available on YouTube, in a shorter version with just WLEQ. Outside of that, I’ve not been able to find any reference to this stations existence on the web. Someone in South Florida remembers Super Q and I’d appreciate hearing from you.
This aircheck starts off as being a bit noisy, with some tape hiss rather prevalent, but it clears up towards the middle. The one break of Y-100 is loud and clear, but after that, there’s this few breaks of “94 Rock” which features lots of FM fading in and out. Perhaps there was a bit of a troposcatter opening going on, or even E-Skip activity with another signal underneath this one. Pretty interesting nonetheless.

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