Station Composite, 96.3 WMYQ Miami | 1974

96.3 Miami WMYQ

96.3 Miami WMYQ Studios 1974Included in this brand-spanking-new composite from new Contributor Russ Oasis are some of the greatest lines ever spoken into a microphone! Here’s the short-lived WMYQ, which would turn into WMJX 96X the year following this recording.

Contributor Russ Oasis writes:

This is one of the composites I promised. WMYQ only existed in this form for a short period of time, so there isn’t much tape out there. I did the best I could.

AMD – G. Michael McKay
Mid- missing
PMD – Chuck Martin (who went to KHJ as PD)
Nights – Rick Williams (me, Russ Oasis)
Late nights – Lee Baby Simms (no introduction necessary).

Russ explained that he spent many hours digitizing this composite and taking a lackluster tape, turning it into what we hear. This is a mainly monaural work, however, segment two is of Chuck Martin. That is in stereo. The rest appears to be in noise-free mono. I asked our Contributor if he could pin down the date. He replied,

” My best guess would be Nov. of 1974. It’s possible that it’s as late as Jan of 1975, but I lean toward 1974.”

I’ll simply leave the title date generic in 1974.

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  1. Fred Morton

    When money meets talent, this is what you get. Great sounding station!

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