Steve Scott, 1190 KLIF Dallas | October 19 1977

Steve Scott, 1190 KLIF Dallas | October 19 1977

1190 KLIF Dallas, is a station steeped in history. It’s owner, Gordon McLendon, is credited, along with Todd Storz and Bill Stewart, with the creation of Top 40 radio. Back in 1953 he switched KLIF from live music and magazine-style programming, which was a popular format in this era, to records and disc jockeys. McLendon had an in-house musical ensemble at the station, and had them producing station jingles, which was an idea that quickly spread throughout radio. To add excitement to the station, McLendon added wild contests and promotions, along with an emphasis on local news.

At its peak KLIF drew around 40 percent of all listeners in the Metroplex. Sadly, the migration to FM, in the late 1970s, hurt KLIF, as it did many other AM powerhouses. This aircheck features Steve Scott on KLIF, as the station was transitioning to Adult Contemporary, from 1977  -Ellis


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  1. Richard Wagoner

    Wow… great voice, but four slow songs in a row? What was the target audience?

  2. Greg Wood

    Same Steve Scott that worked afternoons in LA at K-Hits (KHTZ) and K-Earth in the 80’s.

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