1190 KLIF

Dallas Composite | November, 1992

Here’s a short composite of the Dallas/Ft. Worth market in the Fall of 1992. Contributor Marc Viquez writes: This was the first time visiting Dallas, Texas; I was in town for a week for my mother’s teacher’s convention. I found that the city had some great CHR radio stations: Y95 and 97.1 KEGL. They also had 100.3 Jamz, whiched seemed to be leaning towards CHR/Rythmic. However, there was plenty of good music being played on these three stations and, even back as a teenager, I was able to tell that both Y95 and KEGL were in a state of war with one another. A lot of the sweepers and bumpers were typical of the early 1990s and within a few years-when many CHR stations ceased operations or flipped formats to either Hot AC or Alternative-they were almost nonexistent. In fact, ...

Ken Knox on 1190 KLIF Dallas | January 4, 1961

Courtesy of George, a trader who provided this via our sister site Radioinsight.com, here is a PERFECT recording of Ken Lock on KLIF, back in the very early days of Top 40 radio! KLIF, of course, was the Gordon McLendon station in Dallas, at this point competing with crosstown KBOX for the Top 40 crown. But listen, this is *not* all Rock & Roll! The first song you’ll hear is from Lawrence Welk! The music is all over the place, which is what you’d expect from a genuine Top 40 station (not the pre-programmed and preformatted crap that passes for Top 40 today), and from a programming standpoint its a breath of fresh air. What really stands out in this short aircheck is KLIF news. Sure, this is packaged with the usual beeps and other sound effects you’d hear in the 50s a...

Mike Seldon, 1190 KLIF Dallas | 1972

Running close to 10 minutes in length, here’s a decent quality recording of the legendary 1190 KLIF. As we wrote on another KLIF Composite several years ago, the magic that was Gordon McLendon’s brainchild comes to life once more, with the station’s unique jingles, sounders and personalities. Here’s Mike Seldon. Now, someone out there remembers him and we’d sure like to hear from our visitors regarding this period in KLIF’s history. One thing is certain. No audio museum of radio is truly complete without a few from KLIF. Here’s one for the ages.

QuickChexx: 1190 KLIF Dallas | 1972

The next series of airchecks pertain to the Dallas market – in particular, Gordon McLendon’s contribution to broadcast history in ’72. Perhaps there has been no greater innovator in all of broadcast history than McLendon, from his baseball play-by-play re-creations to HIS style of Top 40 radio. This is one in a series of KLIF / KNUS airchecks that we’d like to present to you. All scoped, but all apparently original recordings in terrific condition! One thing of note… Notice how many different call letters 1190 Dallas has had since 1990 (from FCCInfo.com): KFXR from 11/12/2001 KTRA from 04/09/2001 KJOI from 09/29/2000 KLUV from 08/17/1998 KOOO from 01/10/1997 KDFX from 11/03/1995 KGBS from 08/17/1992 KUII from 02/04/1991 KYII from 12/25/1990

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