102.9 WDRC-FM,Hartford,Paul DiMarco,Steve Skipp Steve Skipp, 102.9 WDRC-FM 103 Hartford | December, 1981

Steve Skipp, 102.9 WDRC-FM 103 Hartford | December, 1981


In 1981, WDRC AM and FM were pretty much joined at the hip. Both stations were Top 40 outlets, AM 1360 being the market’s heritage hit music station… but at this point was essentially passing the baton to the FM side.

If anything, 102.9 had a harder sound during evenings and the overnights. Mornings were an AM/FM simulcast of the Brad Davis show, and afternoons the two stations were separate but similar in sound, with the exception that 1360 had more news and full-service elements. It was in transition to a mostly Adult Contemporary sound by 1981 but still shared air talent – who would work both AM and FM shifts.

This particular aircheck is of Steve Skipp who mainly worked the FM side in 1981. I don’t think Skipp was on DRC-FM very long. Maybe a year? Seems like a warm and personable air talent and there is probably some audio of him on the air elsewhere… we just don’t have any at this time.

This is a very short aircheck, just over 3 minutes. It could have been a demo tape of Skipp. Contributor Paul DiMarco did mention him during our conversation in September when he said he would share this batch of airchecks with us, but he didn’t say if it was a demo tape or if it was something he recorded himself. It’s telescoped, at any rate, and the audio quality is outstanding, as is the case with all of Paul Dimarco’s online collection with us.


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