Suzie Barber, 96.9 WMYG Braddock PA (Pittsburgh) | 1990

96.9 Pittsburgh WRRK WHYW WMYG Suzie Barber

Another from longtime Contributor Robyn Watts, this is a 5 minute scope of Classic Rocker WMYG Pittsburgh, known on air as “Magic 97 FM – Home of the Classic Tracks“. The station’s history describes WMYG as really beginning as Soft Rock formatted WFFM. The station played Soft Rock during the day, but beginning in 1985 started playing Classic Rock 7pm- Midnight*, then, in 1986 flipped to Classic Rock full time and picked up the WMYG calls. Pittsburgh listeners will likely remember more details than were available on the web and we invite visitor comments to complete the history of this radio station.

The featured jock is Suzie Barber.

Since 2005, 96.9 has been Variety Hits WRRK “Bob-FM 96.9

96.9 Pittsburgh WRRK WHYW WMYG Suzie Barber

* Source: Wikipedia.


  1. Jeff Roteman

    Susie Barbour came to Pittsburgh and started at 96 KX (WXKX) also worked at WHTZ and WTAE and KDKA as well. She most recently was working at First Commonwealth Bank – Media Relations/Corporate Communications · Indiana, Pennsylvania

  2. MGD4Ever

    If memory serves, shortly after this aircheck, most likely Summer of ’91, they temporarily tweaked their classic rock format so that they would play two classics, followed by a new track, then two more classics, Etc. I personally thought that approach made for great listening, but i guess others didn’t think so because they didn’t stick with it for very long.

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