680 Boston WRKO

Composite, 68 WRKO Boston | October, 1972 – Part 1

Here’s an amazing composite of the lineup on WRKO Boston. The year was 1972 and some of the music in rotation that year was truly great!

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680 Boston WRKO Chip Hobart, Dale Dorman Johnny Dark Harry Nelson JJ Jordan JJ Wright Mike Addams Eric Chase Charlie Van Dyke Jordan Rich JJ Jeffrey Charlie Fox 68 RKO

Charlie Van Dyke & Company, 68 WRKO Boston | April 6, 1979

Date of Recording: 04.06.1979 Station: 68 WRKO (WNAC) Boston, Massachusetts, USA Format :Top 40 (News/Talk) Featured Air Personality: Charlie Van Dyke (KHJ/WLS) Contributor: Bob Gilmore (bobgilmore.com) Original Post Date: 02.01.2010 Airchexx Entry: 985 Curator’s Notes:[…]

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