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Bob Landree, 56 WHBQ Memphis | 1976

“Firefall, You are the woman and that’s the last I’ve seen of my heart, my money, and everything else that I own!…” It’s the middle of the 1970s, arguably the time when WHBQ was at the peak of it’s popularity in Memphis […]

Tagged 1976, 560 Memphis, Bob Landree, rko general, Rob Grayson

Sheila – 56 WHBQ Memphis | 1976

“…the boss told me to go out and shake my booty…” Be an Airchexx Supporter!  Click below to make a generous donation! It seems that every Top 40 station in the chain of RKO General radio stations had a nearly identical sound. […]

Tagged 560 Memphis, RKO, Rob Grayson, Sheila, WHBQ

Stew Robb, 56 WHBQ Memphis | 1976

We just been in contact with the police department concerning a traffic light at Watkins & Chelsea? Checked to see if it’s been stolen or not! A bit of tongue in cheek humor about a traffic light being out, but it does […]

Tagged 560 Memphis, rko general, Rob Grayson, Stew Robb, WHBQ

“Dicky Doo” Edwards, 560 WHBQ Memphis | 1976

Station: 56 WHBQ Memphis Format: Top 40 Branded: “56 HBQ” Ownership: RKO General Featured Air Personality: “Dicky” Edwards Contributor: Rob Grayson #1606 …Magic Man, and ya know I really don’t swing that way… Voluntary Subscription Options Yearly Subscription : $80.00 USD – […]

Tagged 560 Memphis, 56Q, Dicky Doo Edwards, RKO, Rob Grayson

Rob Grayson: 45 Years in 5 Minutes

Description by Steve West I don’t know if this was intended to be a demo or not, but longtime Memphis radio personality Rob Grayson recently put together this really fun piece, condensing his radio career down from his early radio beginnings in […]

Tagged 1230 Memphis, 560 Memphis, 680 Memphis, 91.1 Memphis, 93.5 Covington TN