The Gary Ryder Road Show, 610 KILT Houston | 1981

610 Houston KILT

Gary Ryder Road Show KILTGary Ryder checked in with some audio of himself on COUNTRY 610 KILT. Much like KHJ in Los Angeles, KILT had been a full blown Top 40 station but saw ratings slide with the increase in FM radio listening. In this case, KILT flipped to Country shortly after the FM side dropped its AOR format for Country, and 610 opted to simulcast the FM for much of the day, but as you can tell here, not ALL of the day, as this is a live AM-Only show for truckers.

Could this have been a precursor to “The Road Gang” show, long broadcast from WWL New Orleans? We’ll have to ask our Contributor!

610 Houston KILT


  1. dave wrinkle

    Im sorry. But hes not that good. Enough with the hirn. Time and temo abd csll letters guy. The funny guys were on kkbq back then. And knuz went oldies. And it was ok. But nothing like kfmk. Houston had an am station in baytown called the beatke button

  2. Ed Curry

    I knew Gary from the time he came to the station, KILT, to the time he died. He was no poser. He drove trucks. He drove in truck rodeos. He had a following that loved him. It’s just like any show, if you like it, great, if not, there is another button on the radio.

    • Mike

      I knew Gary too. I was driving a truck in the oil field at the time and we became friends at the KILT promotions at local bars. He was very much down to earth kind of guy and really loved the lime light. He loved what he did and even got my future wife and I back stage and we met Charlie Daniels. RIP Gary

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