Tracy Mitchell, Burle Baurer – 950 KJR Seattle | December 27, 1975

Date of Recording: December 27, 1975
Station: 950 KJR Seattle, Washington
Featured Air Talent: Tracy Mitchell, Merle Bear, Chris Hill (News/Weather)
Contributor: Robyn Watts
Aircheck Entry: 1,416


How did the old KJR on 950 AM sound in the mid-1970s? Here’s a great representation! No jingles, out of news into music cold, dead segues but the jocks were upbeat and so was the music. Like so many stations of this era, sped up records seem to be the norm. Still, it’s an exciting station!

Exhibit speed has been adjusted.

950 Seattle KJR Larry Lujack Rhett Walker


  1. Joe Frederickson

    The reference to Merle Bear should read Burl Barer. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Robert

    It is Burl Barer, long time Seattle talent. KJR, KOL, KQIN, Braker satellite.

  3. KJR was to me what WABC, WLS, KLIF, KHJ, etc was to so many of us in the glory years.

    By 1975 KJR had passed their time. Much as I hate to say that, I can only imagine that Pat O’Day had moved on or was convinced by others to make massive changes to Channel 95 to combat the new onslaught of Top 40 on FM.

    Listen to KJR in the mid to late 60’s and into early 70s. You’ll hear the magic of (As Pat called the jocks) “those marvelous deejays,” the jingles, the NorthWest regional hits mixed in with the national stuff, the promotions that the word “sizzle” was coined for. Top 40, news & sports (just enough), live/local and BIGGER THAN LIFE.

    THAT was KJR Seattle/Channel 95.

    P.S. ((It’s Berle Bear I believe, not Merle))

  4. ron kay

    hmmm. it’s off speed. either a bad dub or the station was running 2 or 3 rpm faster on their turntables.

  5. 12th Man

    This was when KJR was a great Top-40 station. Nowadays it’s Sportsradio KJR.

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