September 22, 2021

2 thoughts on “Walt Grayson, 1590 WWUN, Jackson MS | 1974

  1. WWUN took over 1590 when WOKJ secured 1550 and 50,000 (highly directional) watts. WOKJ was the undisputed king of Jackson’s R&B stations, and a market leader. WWUN’s strategy was to play top 40, but with a heavy soul content, and it paid off immediately with huge ratings right out of the box. Crosstown rival WRBC kept the competition hot, and the alumni included Gerry Peterson/Cagle, Harry Nelson, Dr. Brock, Bob Pittman, Roz Franks, Tony Maddox and others who would become well known on the largest stages in the industry. Walt worked at both WRBC and WWUN, seguing into TV in the 80’s, where he remains.

  2. Considering smaller market stations penchant for saving a few bucks whenever possible, I noticed a WCFL music bed on one of Dr. Brock’s liners — Great aircheck! Especially loved the scratchy records from the gold/recurrent catagories!

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