Wild Bill Scott, KFRC AM/FM San Francisco | June 24, 1994

99.7 610 San Francisco KFRC

Wild Bill Scott


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Wild Bill Scott was a radio pioneer who was credited with creating the “Z-Rock” Rock Radio Network. He was best known as a radio personality who worked at mainly hard rock stations across the U.S. including Chicago’s WLUP and WMET, along with the legendary KROQ “K-Rock” in Los Angeles. He’s heard here on the relatively short-lived KFRC AM-FM Oldies simulcast.  Wild Bill Scott died in 2014 after complications from a stroke.

Technically, this recording suffers from tape ‘rumble’. Were it not for the oxide noise, this would otherwise be an excellent recording in terms of quality. While its assumed this was recorded from the FM side, the recording is in mono and could have been made from either 99.7 or 610. Having made hundreds of cassette aircheck recordings over the years, my suspicion is that this was recorded using a very cheap boombox and inexpensive ‘scotch’ brand tape or some other, similar bargain priced cassette. Those used to result in that background tape rumble, regardless of fidelity of the recording itself. It’s annoying to listen to, but after trying numerous noise reduction techniques, I opted to keep this as it was recorded because reducing the tape rumble also reduced the overall frequency response. Overall, it sounds good, and in terms of radio presentation, Wild Bill doesn’t disappoint!

KFRC in this era was imaged by Bobby Ocean, just as it was during much of 610’s Top 40 era. Osh always is great to hear! The station is also using it’s 1960s 610 jingle package with the exception of ONE 1970s “You” cut (without the ‘you’ being sung).

The recording arrived slightly mis-labelled as 7/24/94, but there are two places in this aircheck where you know it’s June, not the least of which is the promo for the ‘upcoming’ July 4th celebration.


Steven Green is a longtime Airchexx Contributor. He has been sending in audio goodies since about 2004. Steven is formerly from Brooklyn New York and currently lives in Austin, Texas with his dear wife, and frequently travels around the country in search of that perfect radio recording!


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