October 17, 2021

3 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly, Oldies 93 KCBS-FM Los Angeles | Date unknown

  1. One clue: Charlie Tuna’s mentioned in this aircheck. He left CBS-FM in June of 1992 to replace Robert W. Morgan at KMPC (Morgan went to KRTH). So this is somewhere between July 1991 and July 1992.

  2. Dear Submitter,

    If you have anymore recordings of, “Oldies 93 CBS-FM” I would love to hear more. I’ve grown up and lived in Huntington Beach CA all my life and remember this station, my parents listened to it ALL THE TIME. If there’s anyway u could send me some recordings or post more I would truly be a happy person. Just listening to the almost 7 mins posted on here brought back memories.

    Thank you so much, Paul

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