Nick Summers, “Hit Music 104” KZZP Phoenix | June 11, 1984

Courtesy of the folks at, here’s a short, 3 minute scope of the old “Hit Music 104” KZZP out of Phoenix. It’s called “Kiss-FM” today, but go back with us to the Summer of ’84 when this was a personality-oriented top […]

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“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, 94.1 WOGY “Froggy 94” Memphis | June, 2000

Perhaps one of the better known ‘themed’ radio formats around the U.S. is the ‘Froggy’ brand of Country music stations. Animal names seem to dominate Country stations, some of the better known brands being “The Wolf” – KPLX Dallas, “Cat Country” (there’s […]

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Rick Dees in the Morning, 102.7 KIIS-FM/1150 KIIS-AM Stereo Los Angeles | Summer, 1985

Rick Dees began his career sometime in the early 1970s in the state of Mississippi. His first claim to fame occurred in Memphis, at 56 WHBQ, that powerful Top 40 station which was home to many legendary deejays, including George Klein, Wink […]

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Frank Kingston Smith; Norm Nathan & Jordan Rich “Morning Magazine”, 68 WRKO Boston | May 28,1981

By 1981, music on AM Radio across the U.S. was well in decline. Stations at RKO General were typical of many ownership groups of the time and most of their AM stations had either already abandoned their highly successful Top 40 formats […]

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Steve West, WMBZ 94-1 The Buzz Memphis | February 2001

From the ashes of Country station WOGY ‘Froggy 94’ arose this Modern AC station called “The Buzz”. This one jock who started a classic radio website poured his heart and soul into the 7-12 night show, back before live evenings became a […]

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John Burwell & WTMA (Charleston) Music Machine Blooper

Courtesy of Mike Raub, here’s an aircheck that proves the worth of 5 second delay. WTMA didn’t have one, apparently. This speaks for itself….

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Steve Sawyer, 1390 WCAT Orange, MA | March, 1983

Twenty-Nine years ago this March, I recorded this cassette on a skimmer in the studio of the old WCAT. In doing the research to find one of the old station logos, I was shocked to realize that there’s no logo, no graphic, […]

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Chris Edwards, WDEN (AM) Macon GA | 1970

This is the Grady Spires show, and filling in here is Chris Edwards. We don’t know much about radio in Macon, GA, much less WDEN AM and FM. But it’s obvious that someone went to a great deal of trouble in making […]

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