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John Jacobs, 106.9 WWVV “The New Wave – Adventure Radio”, Bluffton SC | February 2, 1999

Recorded in 1999, we join the last few minutes of Nina Blackwood’s Absolutely 80s show. Its one of those syndicated things that plays on weekends. Note, the ‘’ web address given out by Blackwood is not in use – it leads to […]

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The Top 5 At 10 – A Sample of WSSX Charleston, SC | July 28, 1998

I wish I could tell you who the jock is on this aircheck, but in the 45 minutes of the original recording, he never says his name once. No jock imaging is heard… nothing! But its obvious from this 6-plus minute scope […]

Tagged 1998, Charleston SC
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“Stuck In The 80s Weekend”, 99.9 WFKS Palatka, FL | February 6, 1999

As happens a lot in today’s consolidated radio world, WFKS “Kiss-FM” has moved around a bit, and now sits on 97.9 FM. 99.9 is a Country music station these days and goes by the name Gator Country – WGNE-FM. But what happened […]

Tagged 1999, Palatka FL

Ed Williams, WCBS-FM New York | July 10, 1972

Courtesy of Contributor Henry Nelson (WHRK, WMC-FM), here’s one of the earliest incarnations that we can find of Oldies 101 WCBS-FM! Were it not for Bill Gilliam giving the date at the start of the 10pm newscast, we’d have guessed this aircheck […]

Tagged 1972, Ed Williams, New York

The Chris Kelly Show, 1310 WXXX, Hattiesburg MS | 1963

“…At 6:30, the brand new WXXX disc jockey. He goes by the name of the Silent Man” Not to be confused by a certain FM station in Burlington Vermont using these call letters, this amazing little AM station was Top 40 before […]

Tagged 1963, Chris Kelly, Hattiesburg MS

Bwana Johnny, 1260 KYA San Francisco | 1969

No serious discussion of the history of San Francisco Top 40 radio would be complete without acknowledging the contributions of 5,000 watt 1260 KYA. Nobody will dispute that 610 KFRC was the reigning king of Top 40. Its powerful signal, with the […]

Tagged 1969, Bwana Johnny, San Francisco

Dave Diamond, 610 KFRC San Francisco | 1970

A KFRC original tape is featured this time around. The tape is worn, with a lot of white noise that even with noise reduction tools, I couldn’t remove too much without this sounding like it being played under water. Still, cleaned up […]

Tagged 1970, Dave Diamond, San Francisco

Rob Collins/McEnzie Clark, 105.7 WZNY “Y105” Augusta, GA | 1997

Here’s a station that holds the record of a station with the most call letters in it’s history. Oh sure, there are undoubtedly other stations in North America which have had more sets of call letters, but none are featured here. […]

Tagged 1997, Augusta GA, McEnzie Clark, Rob Collins

Ron Landry, 1360 WDRC Hartford | June 18, 1965

What New England radio stations come to mind when you think back to the 1960s? Certainly, anyone within the signal contour of New York’s WABC remember, but the big stations in Connecticut and Massachusetts doing Top 40 radio included Boston’s 1510 WMEX, […]

Tagged 1965, Hartford, Ron Landry

Bruce Morrow, WABC New York – 1969

There’s something about Cousin Brucie. People either loved him or weren’t crazy about him. Here’s Bruce Morrow at the peak of his popularity on WABC. Notice how fast Morrow is talking. Its hard to keep up with the pace of this show. […]

Tagged 1969, Bruce Morrow, Cousin Brucie, New York

Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | Summer, 1969

…”Its time now for my name!!!” Big Dan Ingram is the highlight of this aircheck, recorded on a sunny, 80 degree day. Its the Summer of Love 1969, and Ingram is as irreverent and witty as ever! Listen how Dan Ingram weaves […]

Tagged 1969, Dan Ingram, New York