A Sample of WWHT AM/FM Charleston – “Hot 94” | June, 1988


Here’s another aircheck where the jock never says her name. Running just over 5 minutes scoped, that would come out to about twenty minutes air time, the music isn’t genuine ‘urban’ format (unless you think Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” is Urban), although the station is certainly branded that way.

Another from “California Aircheck” provided by Contributor Robyn Watts.


7 Replies to “A Sample of WWHT AM/FM Charleston – “Hot 94” | June, 1988”

  1. Warren carney

    Yes that was Madeline. I worked for Hot94 from 1985 to 1992 when they turned to Jams94 and before Jams they were Hot gold 94. Fun station to work for.

  2. Kahuna

    This was a great station to work for, even after they dropped the Hot 94 moniker and format. I got to work there when it was Hot 94, and during the transition to “Hot Gold 94”, Bob Casey was the Program Director and was a great guy to work for. JAM jingles and Mitch Craig sweepers, it didn’t get any better than that!

      • Kahuna

        The only two I have been able to keep in touch with from there is Dave Priest and Bob “Bobalu” Lewis. When it switched from “Hot 94” to “Hot Gold 94”, everyone seemed to just disappear.

  3. Rich

    Ah, cool. I hung out with Rocky and helped do commercials. Mick Barker (I believe that was his name) was another one I helped from time to time. .

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