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Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

updated 12/21/09
Q: Do you trade airchecks?
A: No. Except for in rare instances, we don’t trade out our audio files. Our “trade” is posting airchecks online in streaming media form to share with everyone.

Q: Do I have to register to listen to airchecks?
A: No. The entire site is free of charge to listen.

Q: Do I need to register to post comments?
A: No. We have an open comment system wherein each comment must be approved by an administrator prior to appearing online. But registration is not required.

Q: Is your site only about top 40 radio stations?
A: Definitely not! We present all different kinds of formats, from Country to Rock to R&B to News. We also are not just limited to American radio. We’ll post anything of historical significance, providing it meets certain guidelines.

Q: How can I contribute an aircheck to your collection?
A: Contact us via email. You’ll get an email in return telling you where to mail your materials. Mailed recordings should be original cassettes or reels, or audio/mp3 CDs. If you prefer, you may email a recording utilizing a file sending service, or directly, file size permitting. We require emailed submissions to be mp3 files encoded at 128k/44.1 or higher qualities. Contact us for more information.

Q: What software do I need in order to listen to these airchecks?
A: The short answer is, nothing special.  Visitors using Windows 7 have generally no issues, and most users of the up-to-date Windows 10 operating system have few issues with the play button.  Windows 8x users… I pity you LOL.  No, really. there were some issues with Win 8 that nobody seemed to be able to fix.  Hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones, or ditched it for the full Windows 10.  Of course, all functions of work perfectly in Apple machines.  Good luck to you and if you have any issues, email me.

Q: Where can I post my comments, If I wish to?
A: We have a ‘comment’ feature integrated with each post. Click the link at the bottom right of the post, which will say either(# of) comments, or ‘no comments’. This same link will lead to the page with all comments already posted so you can read what others have said about that aircheck. There are also other forums that you can discuss our airchecks. We’re on Facebook ( and Twitter, and The Classic Radio Board, at is still available. The former Classicairchecks Yahoo group has been discontinued. I need to add to this, receintly there’s been a lot of hatred out there for lack of a better word. Don’t be a statistic. I WILL and DO delete inappropriate comments in the admin area. so save yourself the trouble and keep our converstations relative to the aircheck you’re commenting on.

Q: Do I need a broadband connection to listen?
A: Most of our archived airchecks encoded prior to 2006 were made to accomodate dialup users. Given the widespread use of broadband, and our desire to provide the highest quality recordings which sound as closely as possible to the original broadcast, a broadband connection is highly recommended, especially for all airchecks posted from January 2007 to present.

Q: Do you provide any airchecks for download?
A: Airchexx policy is to not allow downloading of our archived material.

Q: Can I link one of your airchecks to my website?
A: You may link to the post link on this site. The post link is the link contained in the title of the aircheck presentation. Please do not link to the actual audio file.

Q: Why are all of your airchecks ‘scoped’?
A: Current copyright rules regarding the streaming of music prohibit us from presenting full-lenth airchecks. We do not posess a music license, therefore, all of our material is telescoped. That is to say, the music and ‘offending’ copyrighted material removed from each recording prior to posting on We apologize for this inconvenience. If, at some future time, rules regarding the streaming of full length songs are relaxed, or we are able to pay royalty fees, we shall begin posting full length airchecks.

Q: Isn’t your site making a profit off other people’s work?
A: Good question. We can understand why some may take offense to our posting airchecks featuring the talents of others, however, we believe that this is perfectly legal and an acceptable practice. We use the following reasons to back up this assertion:

1. First off, Airchexx is unable, for financial and other reasons, to compensate any person or entity featured in an aircheck on this site, copyright holder or not. If the originator of a particular work demands such compensation, we will simply remove the offending recording from our archives, and that will constitute our entire liability. We simply do not possess the resources to compensate air talent for their old recordings. And we can’t find most of them anyway.

2. The value of these airchecks, with very few exceptions, is negligable. Anotherwords, it’s not likely that anyone will get rich trying to sell their radio recordings, and we hope nobody will try. We think the historic educational value of these individual recordings outweighs other considerations. Frankly, we think that those who pirate radio recordings to sell at online auctions such as Ebay are crooks and we have no use for them or their recordings. Are there ‘legit’ aircheck services which sell recordings? Well, yes, by virtue of the fact that their service predates the internet. California Aircheck is one that comes to mind (and they donate to Airchexx so we’re not terribly upset by them). Most, however, are simply trying to make a buck and their unscrupulous methods cast a shadow on the entire aircheck ‘industry’.

Each aircheck has a certain copyright that belongs to someone. We believe that someone is the talent (disc jockey, talk show host, newsperson, etc.) who is presented on each aircheck. In cases where the radio station on the recording is still broadcasting under the same ownership and call letters as when the audio was recorded, the artist shares a copyright with the broadcast company in question. While we don’t claim to own a copyright on the original recorded works of others, DOES claim a copyright on all images, and sound recordings which were created by the site curator (Steve West) and administrator (Lance Venta), or were created specifically FOR this website by others, with their permission. Note: Airchexx policy is in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law on this matter.
Wherever possible, the originator of each sound recording is noted.
What this means to us as a presentor of historical broadcast material is this: Permission to post and, technically, re-broadcast copyrighted airchecks is assumed, unless the creator of any given work (aircheck) gives us written notice to remove such material. In such case, we shall do so at our earliest opportunity (usually within 24 hours of said notice). Under no circumstances shall,, Radiobb Networks, the site curator or any other party be financially liable for any consequences arising out of us posting said radio airchecks.

Jingles posted individually remain the copyrighted property of their respective owners, and will be removed upon request of the copyright holder. reserves the right to edit all airchecks received as donations, and the source material provided becomes the sole property of airchexx. Persons who donate audio for exhibit on our website who wish said materials to be returned should arrange for such return at the time of donation. Donators shall provide SASE for return of such materials, or arrange for emailed MP3 copy. Please just let us know when you write. Please note: If you donated tapes several months or years ago, it’s possible we simply don’t have them anymore. Your webmaster moved four times since this site was launched and some original tapes were lost in the shuffle. My most humble apologies for that lapse in attentiveness.

If you believe you own the copyright to a particular work on this site, and you wish to have it removed, please email the site curator immediately. In order to help resolve issues quickly, it would be helpful if you can provide some proof of identity and claim to the aircheck. As previously stated, upon satisfactory proof of ID, we will promptly remove the offending aircheck.

4. We do not charge admission of any kind and provide all airchecks to the general public completely free of charge. We do not charge a fee to our site visitors or to anyone associated with the airchecks posted on this site. We DO, however, subscribe to Google’s Adsense program, a pay per click program which charges advertisers a fee each time someone clicks on one of their ads. This does NOT affect our site visitors, and you must feel free to click or not to click on any particular ad. and it’s management does not endorse or control the content featured in Google Adsense ads, they are provided as a small revenue tool to help defray costs of providing this website to the general public.

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