Airchexx Presents: MusicRadio 77 Recreated Featuring Steve O’Brien | December 31, 2005

Steve O'Brien WABC
Steve O’Brien WABC Publicity Photo
Date of Recording: 12.31.2005
Station: None
Format (Simulated): Top 40
Featured Air Personalities: Steve O’Brien (WABC/WMGQ/WPLJ/WIBG/WCBS-FM/WNYW-TV/WNBC-TV), Steve West(WOGY/WMBZ/WGKX/WMC-FM/IRN/WCTZ/WSTC/others)
Contributor: Steve West
Airchexx Entry: 1,499


Here’s a song we never got tired of playing at WABC in the middle of the disco era…

Station recreations are a labor of love for your webmaster and over the years, I’ve produced several. In my opinion, none tops this third of a four part special that I produced for this website for New Year’s Day, 2006.

This was originally posted in Real Audio form, back in the days before we went to the WordPress publishing platform. What precipitated the change in platforms and streaming media was a server crash where we lost nearly the entire site due to inadequate backups and the fact that the Real Player was becoming obsolete and clunky, requiring too much system resources, and the listeners to install the Real Player software (which most did not like doing). In 2007 we began re-encoding everything. This particular presentation never returned to Airchexx, but having run across this just a few days ago and realizing that we had scored a GREAT interview with former WABC jock Steve O’Brien – and here, he agreed to be a WABC jock once again – it was absolutely time to restore this to our archives.

77 New York WABC

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