Steve West

Steve West Last Show, WMC-FM Memphis | October 30, 2005

Date of Recording: 10.30.2005 Station: 99.7 WMC-FM Memphis, Tennessee, USA Format: Hot Adult Contemporary Featured Air Personality: Steve West Contributor: Steve West It’s another WHATEVER WEEKEND, here on FM 100! Comments: FM 100 was the culmination of a career to me. True, I was only full time there for one Summer, but the station’s reputation, the life, the energy… the whole aura that surrounded this station put me in a trance from the first day I entered the building. I can’t say why I hold such an emotional attachment to WMC-FM. I will say that this particular evening was the last time I was on major market radio, the last time I got to interact with callers or really be myself on a commercial radio station. Given my feelings toward this station, and Memphis, T...

Jarrell Mason Interviews Airchexx Webmaster Steve West, WUAG 103.1 Greensboro NC | March 20, 2009

Date of Recording: March 20, 2009 Station: 103.1 WUAG Greensboro NC Format: College Featured Air Personalities: Jarrel Mason, Steve West Contributor: Jarrel Mason Comments: Perhaps the most creative radio that can be heard today is in the college world. A good example of this is Jarrell Mason, host of the weekly “Time Machine” feature on college station WUAG 103.1. Jarrell says he’s graduating and this interview was the final event of his final program on WUAG – so congratulations are in order. If you’re not in tune with the state of today’s radio, or just want to understand what happened to commercial radio since the 1970s, this interview will clear some things up. Your webmaster has a few funny stories to tell along the way.