Bob Shannon, WCBS-FM 101.1 New York | October 17, 2011

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WCBS-FM Logo, original Oldies format circa 1999

Bob Shannon WCBS-FM RadioMaxMusic
Bob Shannon, WCBS-FM, RadioMaxMusic

Curator’s Notes:

Here’s a quick aircheck featuring Bob Shannon in his familiar PM Drive spot. What I notice is that Shannon seems off his game this particular afternoon, with unnaturally long pauses as if he’s thinking of the right thing to say. Hey, that’s just an observation. Shannon later dropped out of sight, leaving CBS-FM and the gig he shared with his wife, Connie T. Empress at WLNG. Rumors have abounded over the years, but I have no information… most likely no more than any of you.

I worked along with Bob Shannon at a certain internet station that will remain nameless…



    Didn’t Bob have his own podcast or internet station? I thought he was good but he seemed to disappear. I think he had health problems but no one can confirm anything.

    • I could guess but out of respect for my collegue, I’ll leave it alone. All I can tell you is, he and I were on together, and right about the time I left, he left all his gigs. It was hinted at as to what was wrong but never said openly. We are all left to wonder for ourselves. I think, for the record, the only thing I will say is, it’s a shame that Bob Shannon isn’t on WCBS-FM or WLNG.

      As to his podcast, he did have one. It was “Behind the Hits”, having to do with his authoratative book of the same name. Hopefully, that helps.

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