Brian Bannon, 92.1 WLNG Sag Harbor – Part 1 | August 24, 2018

92.1 Sag Harbor WLNG
Brian Bannon Steve West Ron Carson Matt Seinberg Mike Ericson
Mike Ericson, Steve West, Ron Carson, Matt Seinberg and Brian Bannon at the 2017 Radio BBQ

Steve West and if I’m gonna be airchecked… Lemme dig this one out of the library. Mark Denning – Top forty, News Weather and Sports on your Airchexx!

Curator’s Notes:

WLNG prides itself in being the first Oldies station in the nation, and it appears that it may end up being the LAST oldies station of its kind as well, if trends continue. Listen for all the great 1960s era Top 40 formatics, PAMS jingles, reverb – essentially everything left the way Paul Sidney started it. The music is certainly a nostalgic attraction on a station that really, out on the end of Long Island with the loyal local businesses and community all listening in, could NOT change formats and survive. You’ll notice the enormous number of spots that run in between every song, and every one of them are local businesses.

This really is a clinic on how to do radio properly.

Brian Bannon does the afternoon show on WLNG. He fits right in and executes this format with precision. Now, maybe he could never be as good as Dan Ingram (well… nobody could), but if Big Dan were still around to listen, I’m sure he’d give Brian a big thumbs up! Bannon weaves himself in and around the format elements, commercials, stock reports, weather and news like a pro. Oh! and speaking of news, weather and sports, be sure to listen to the 22 minute mark. I (Steve West) was on the phone with Brian just to say hi and tell him WLNG was coming in great for a change and that I was recording… and he does this cool bit and mentions Airchexx. I mean, you’ll never think about this website after hearing this aircheck, without hearing that 1960 song “News, Weather and Sports” again! It’ll be stuck in your head for all time!

The actual aircheck ran nearly two hours, so even after attempting to scope this down- with all the elements in place, this has to be broken up into two parts just to cover an hour of scoped content.

Thanks to Brian Bannon for a great show, and a shoutout to Gary Sapian for a great newscast!


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