106.1 KHKS

Dallas Composite | November, 1992

Here’s a short composite of the Dallas/Ft. Worth market in the Fall of 1992. Contributor Marc Viquez writes: This was the first time visiting Dallas, Texas; I was in town for a week for my mother’s teacher’s convention. I found that the city had some great CHR radio stations: Y95 and 97.1 KEGL. They also had 100.3 Jamz, whiched seemed to be leaning towards CHR/Rythmic. However, there was plenty of good music being played on these three stations and, even back as a teenager, I was able to tell that both Y95 and KEGL were in a state of war with one another. A lot of the sweepers and bumpers were typical of the early 1990s and within a few years-when many CHR stations ceased operations or flipped formats to either Hot AC or Alternative-they were almost nonexistent. In fact, ...

Domino, KHKS 106.1 Kiss-FM Denton/Dallas/Ft. Worth | March 1993

Featuring full reverb, 100KW and all the hits, Domino is having a blast on “The New 106.1 KISS-FM”. The Dallas/Ft. Worth market has no shortage of blowtorch signals (and why not? the market is surrounded by desert to the west and is sparcely populated outside of city limits… or it was in ’93). This is an exciting aircheck! Domino has a lot of callers on the air. He makes some sing for the audience, plays matchmaker, and of course, plays all the big hits that year. Its “Desperate and Dangerous” on Kiss-FM! If you enjoyed what Kiss-FM Dallas sounded like in the early 90s, you’ll really love this trip down memory lane to a not-so-long ago time when nights on the radio were still fun to listen to!

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