1310 WGH

George Crawford, 1310 WGH Norfolk VA | August 19, 1977

…unusual fact from Crawford’s Almanac   Curator’s Notes: Recorded only a few days after the death of Elvis Presley, here’s an aircheck that will evoke strong memories as the Summertime season grinds to a close. The weather in Norfolk is cooler and less humid this day. “The World of Star Trek” contest is still underway and YOU could win! Take note of the high commercial load. There is only one period where there were two songs played back to back, every other song played is followed by a few commericals. Speaking of commercials, perhaps you’ll remember these national brand names: Exxon gasoline, LaChoy Soy Sauce, 7-Eleven and more! There are plenty of creative LOCAL ads for Tidewater area businesses. Listen for a full newscast read by Ira Hall,...

Dan O’Brien, 1310 WGH Norfolk | 1977

…Number one. With more listeners each week than any other station, AM or FM! Original Comments: It’s been said that the call letters WGH stood for “World’s Greatest Harbor”. Perhaps, in the early days of broadcasting. And it’s true in the sense that Hampton Roads, in general, has perhaps the best harbor in the U.S., with a quarter of the U.S. Navy stationed there. But, in the world of radio, WGH holds a special place in the greater Norfolk area. It really WAS Hampton Roads’ first Top 40 radio station (a slogan that WGH-FM would later use in 1987-89). Curator’s (updated) Notes: As evidenced here in this 13-minute scope, WGH, in true Top 40 fashion played it all. Rock, Disco, slow ballads… you name it! Unfortunately, this tape suffers fro...

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