October 18, 2021

3 thoughts on “George Crawford, 1310 WGH Norfolk VA | August 19, 1977

  1. ..humble stuff….trying real hard to sound big time….perhaps a subscriber to Dick Orban or Electric Weenie lame joke service….try’s to adlib the grand canyon joke punchline and blows it. Points for having heart and trying like a sonofabitch. Hard to tell; audio was muddy and might have sounded like a better job if it was EQ’d and the right processing. (No offense…as a former PD I love aichexx.com but listen to the chexx to see if I’d hire them.) That’s also why it’s hard for me to listen to most current music format radio stations……(I listen to public radio classical, with a couple of light jazz blocks in the evenings)…..I can love the programming without having to listen to it critically….only as a afficionado (sp?) of the categories of music. This is the music only public station without news/commentary voice programming.

  2. Who did the narration for the Beneficial spot at 1:10? I remember the voice very well as a kid. Also, the sports report at 3:33. Rick Reuschel would go on to pitch for the Pirates from ’85 to ’87. The Royals would go on to win the AL West that year, and the Yankees the World Series. Thanks for this ‘check.

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