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Steve West, WGKX Memphis | October 9, 2004

Date of Recording: 10.09.2004 Station: 105.9 WGKX Memphis (Branded as “Kix 106“) Owner: Cumulus Media//Memphis Radio Group Format: Contemporary Country Featured Air Personality: Steve West Contributor: Steve West Original Post Date: 10.11.2004 Curator’s Notes: The artist known as Steve West was digitally captured from a tape, recorded in Millington, Tennessee directly off the air on this particular date. Now, frankly, it’s been quite a while since I listened to this (and I’m not sure what’s on it, if I sounded good or if a dose of embarassment will follow), so let the listener judge for his or herself just what this guy sounds like on the air. Being that this was 2004, and I’d been on the station doing weekends and fill ins for about 2 1/2 years at...

Steve West, 105.9 WGKX “Kix 106” Memphis | October 2, 2004

I couldn’t resist going back over 11 years ago to a Saturday morning show I had on Kix 106. Admittedly, this isn’t the best I ever sounded there at Kix, and I attribute that to a couple of things. Mainly, the station’s processing was a bit strange and it always threw me off. Instead of the studio mic being processed to make one sound like he or she pops out of the radio, it sounded more as if the mics were all attenuated in some way. This is why, as you listen, phone calls walked all over the studio mic. At the time, we tried pushing the mic volume up higher and pulling the Shortcut 360 (the device we recorded phone calls on) volume down, but that did little good. Mic volume was maxed out on that board and sounded a bit distorted, at least in my headphones. The good stuff...

Memphis Mark Billingsly, 105.9 WGKX Memphis| 1994

New Contributor Kevin McCardle says, ” I have a scoped aircheck from February 1994 for WGKX-FM (Kix 106)Memphis with Memphis Mark Billingsley. I recorded it onto cassette tape when I lived in Bartlett, TN at that time. I recently transferred it to my computer .mp3 file and it sounds great!” Memphis Mark certainly has been on Kix 106 for a long time, much of it spent as Kix’s PM Drive personality. Here’s six minutes of Mark Billingsly from 1994.

Steve West, 105.9 WGKX Memphis TN | March 5, 2005

Recorded about 6 weeks or so before being summarily let go – nevermind, wait for the book deal… your webmaster is caught trying to juggle elements around another ’12 In-a-row’, which, as the format clock said, was from the first song out of the :52 stop set until about :35 past the hour – the FIRST stop set of the hour. I dunno, consultants swore that listener habits were such that they were listening for music between the top and bottom of each hour. Some brain surgeon figured that stuff out. Anyway, this particular morning, I arrived to note that the jingle package had been changed by then-new PD Lance Tidwell and so I was getting used to the new stagers. I’d been doing country for quite a while – it was a dream of mine to do Country music in Nas...

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