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Howard Hoffman, 77 WABC New York | April 8, 1980

Date of Recording: 04.08.1980 Station: 770 (AM) WABC New York City, New York, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Howard Hoffman (WPIX-FM/WPRO-FM/KUAM/KMEL/KKFR/WQHT/KFRC/KMPC) Comments: 1980 was a year of change for WABC. By the end of the year the music would begin to shift to a more adult sound, but in the early part of 1980, WABC was still a hot Top 40 station, as evidenced by this short scope of the wacky Howard Hoffman show. Hoffman is really out of control on this night. How does one describe the Howard Hoffman show? Well, lets just say that he wouldn’t be allowed on the air with this approach anywhere today. WABC, with Hoffman in the lineup, is a much different sounding station than that of just over a year prior, when PD Al Brady cleaned house, getting rid of most o...

NYC 80s CHR Wars: Sue O’Neil on WQHT

We just gotta throw this in from what we think is one of the most talented (and under appreciated) female jocks in NYC! Currently at Mix 102-7 WNEW, Here’s Sue O’Neil and a bit of her show on Hot 97. Its another thing we didn’t realize about NYC radio during this era until now. A number of former WXLO 99X jocks that were there toward the end in ’79-’80 wound up at one of the three big CHRs in the city a decade later… including Al Bandiero right here on Hot 97!

NYC 80’s CHR Wars: Al Bandiero on WQHT

“…It’s time to play with the monkey!” Here’s your webmaster’s favorite jock (the one who inspired me to do radio in the first place), kicking off another incredible edition of East Coast Airchecks’ CHR WARS, courtesy of Robyn Watts! Bandiero was and is no stranger to bigtime markets, in fact we have him featured elsewhere here on airchexx.com at WIFI 92 Philadelphia, WKBW Buffalo and WXLO 99X (on our 99xnewyork.com tribute site)! Here’s Al, in a three-aircheck composite on Hot 97 from the early 90s. After listening to him at these other stations, we think you’ll agree that Al Bandiero is absolutely at the TOP of his game on this WQHT aircheck. This really is one of his best and we hope you’ll take a listen as we head back to the 9...

Composite: Howard Hoffman, Stephanie Miller & Jeff Thomas – 97.1 WQHT New York | 1991

Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts, here’s two separate airchecks of 97.1 WQHT spliced into one composite. Both are from “East Coast Airchecks” Tape #84 Side B. Howard Hoffman’s voice is so processed, he almost reminds me of Imus in the Morning, WNBC circa 1981 or so. But no, the real Howard Hoffman, whacky as ever shines right through. Sidekick Stephanie Miller (a great talent herself) sounds great also. Lots of time & temperature… all the features you’d expect to hear on a good morning show are here, with a lot of dance/hip hop & pop crossovers thrown in. The imaging is fantastic, although I’ve always been stumped as to why the Top of Hour was produced to sound so similar to Z100’s. “…From the Top top top top top̷...

“Broadway” Bill Lee, 97.1 WQHT ‘Hot 97’ New York | April 25, 1990

Currently on the legendary 101.1 WCBS-FM, Broadway Bill Lee (WTIC-FM, KFRC, WLOL) holds down the afternoon drive on Hot 97. Note the intensity of this aircheck! Not only that, but looking back, this doesn’t sound Urban, so much as a dance-oriented station. But after all, this was 1990 and Hip Hop would really come into its own as the 1990s took hold. Another reason why Bill Lee is one of the best there’s ever been and he’s still relevant even today! Here’s another great aircheck from East Coast Airchecks and Robyn Watts! Other Airchecks of Bill Lee: 101.1 WCBS-FM New York 40th Anniversary Broadcast, Part 1 – 7/6/12 610 KFRC San Francisco – 1983 98 WJBQ (97.9) Portland, Maine – 2/24/83 99.5 WLOL Minneapolis – 1985 96.5 WTIC-FM Hartford –...

Gregg Thunder, 97.1 WQHT “Hot 97” New York | Summer, 1989

It’s been a long while since we visited the fabulously enormous Robyn Watts collection! This is technically un-dated, however based upon the music and one sweeper we believe it to be from June or July 1989. Our visitors are very good guessers, I’m sure this mystery will be solved rather soon. 🙂 Gregg Thunder is an amazing jock here, with one of the highest-energy presentations we’ve heard in a long time! Hot 97 never had jingles, but the production elements were and still are top-notch! Rhythmic CHR done this way is a format others can only try to duplicate (and there are many copies, but only ONE Hot 97!)!!!