Broadway Bill Lee, 97.1 WQHT New York | May, 1989


Broadway Bill Lee

“You might’s well write it down, the station that’s heard all over town…

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Curator’s Notes:

The Airchexx archives are still chocked full of goodies given to us in years past! Contributor Andy Bologovsky sent this one way back when I lived in Tennessee on CD. A pretty good quality recording of “Hot 97” in its dance-oriented phase at the end of the 80s! The one thing Bill Lee is noted for most of all is being able to rhyme to nearly anything, any occasion, any artist… you name it. He ‘hits the post’ every time, too!

I’ve left in the commercials and the station promos so that the listener captures the moment… the Spring of 1989. Where were you when you heard this stuff on the radio? That’s the memory I hope to invoke!

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