1020 KDKA

1020 KDKA Pittsburgh Covers the Blizzard of 1977 | January 28, 1977

We’re having a blizzard this afternoon… don’t let these warm temperatures fool ya now Please scroll down to read an important message Curator’s Notes: After I spilled hot coffee all over my brand new keyboard, I got the bright idea that since this Summer has been so unbelievably hot around the country, perhaps it would be interesting to hear what the weather was like back in 1977. After all, the snow will be here sooner or later and you can put your AC unit away for the year. What you will hear in this 24 hour composite is quite unbelievable. Some of us are old enough to remember just how bitter the winters were in 1977, 78, 79 right up through about 1983. But it’s different when you HEAR the radio announcer say it’s going to be 15-30 BELOW zero! How lon...

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