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Roy Orthega, 1200 WOAI San Antonio | May 12, 1974

Date of Recording: 05.12.1974 Station: 1200 WOAI San Antonio, Texas Format: Pop Music Branding: “The Great American Music Machine“; “Music Radio, 1200 WOAI” Featured Air Personalities: Roy Orthega, Jock; Jack Welby, NBC Network News Contributor: Bob Jones Total Time: 9:51 Airchexx Entry: 1,541 …Music Radio 1200 WOAI, bringing back a few memories… Curator’s Notes: This is a “Super Oldies Weekend” at WOAI. Significant, format wise, because in 1974 there were very few “Oldies” programs, much less formats on the air anywhere at this point in the evolution of Rock based Top 40 radio. It’s not all Oldies music, as there are plenty of then-current songs in the mix. But to go back ten years and call it “Oldies” ...

Old Gold 1971 Remastered, Part 1 of 4

Going WAY back to the beginning of this website – well, okay, WAY back to the days when the radio industry trade circulated audio specials on vynl, here’s a completely re-mastered copy of one of the very first exhibits we had on airchexx way back in 2002! Old Gold was actually a vynl print – well, one could find it on vynl and on cassette in later years. The original copy we had obtained was on a worn out cassette and very muffled, but back then we were happy to post anything. Now, taken right from the record itself, a copy of Old Gold 1971. I’m posting this in four parts for easier listening. Beware, the vynl skips about 3 minutes in, during the WWDJ aircheck.. but not badly. Contained in this segment, in this order: WFIL Philadelphia – Dan Donovan KTSA San A...

QuickChexx: KONO Montage, San Antonio TX

Contributor Larry Stoler sent this in quite a while ago. While there’s no date on it, judging by the jingles, this was likely recorded sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s. This is OLDIES KONO. No jock voices are heard, just jingles and song resings. All in all, a pretty good representation of a grea Oldies station, before most Oldies stations flipped to Classic Hits of the 70s-90s.

Fast Tommy Lee, KSAQ San Antonio | 1989

New Contributor Tom Clay describes this short South Texas Goodie: Here is an aircheck of Fast Tommy Lee doing afternoons at KSAQ-Q96FM in San Antonio. The station was programmed by Leo Vela of the Miami Vela’s and was owned at this time by Inner City. Scott K James did mornings, Barbara Lynn Rice in the mid day (Mrs. Michael Morales, and that means we KNOW who she gave Her love to..) Fast Tommy Lee in the afternoons.

John Elliot on 55 KTSA San Antonio | November, 1985

This aircheck was made about a month before KTSA dumped music and flipped to News/Talk. John Elliot is filling in here for John Dinkins. John and I worked together at KOUL Cool 103.5 in Corpus Christi – and over a beer (or two) he played this aircheck for me. I just had to have a copy. KTSA here is a lesson in liner card radio. While KTSA is doing a lot of promotions, it seems that every break you hear a promo or liner. John Elliot’s personality does come through, however there is very little John Elliot and a whole lot of the same things said over every song. But that was the way AC radio was done in the Mid-80s, especially on AM station which were trying to compete against their FM competitors. As as we know, KTSA quit playing music about a month after this recording. This is...

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