A Tribute to John Mack Flanagan

John Mack Flanagan was one of the great broadcasters from the West Coast. Legendary, in the minds of many people, including his peers in the broadcasting industry, his many friends and his fans in the Bay Area. It’s only fitting on the […]

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Sample Hour of 1400 WSTC Stamford CT | June 7, 2017

Date of Recording: 06.05.2017 Station: 1400 WSTC Stamford, Connecticut, USA Format: Full Service Oldies/Variety Hits Featured Air Personality: Steve West (Steven Sawyer) Contributor: Steve West Airchexx Entry: 1,495 Comments: Perhaps the very first thing that should be mentioned with regard to this […]

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The Top 500 of All-Time, WKHL “Kool 96.7” Stamford CT (Port Chester, NY) | May 29, 1994

Date of Recording: 05.29.1994 Station: 96.7 WKHL (WCTZ) (Defunct) Port Chester, New York, USA Format: Oldies Featured Air Personality: None Contributor: Ray Bozzanca Definitions: OLDIES – Refers to a format which plays music from the 1950s through the 1970s or any time […]

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The End: WCTZ ‘The New 96.7 The Coast’ Port Chester/Stamford CT Signs Off | May 20, 2011

Thanks to Contributor Mike Raub. What happens when you get a phone call that says essentially, “Turn it off, now”? This recording, that’s what! This is all that’s left of a station that once occupied the 96.7 frequency licensed to Stamford, CT. […]

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