Doug Alling, 103.3 WHTT Boston | December 20, 1984

Date of Recording: 12.20.1984 Station: 103.3 WHTT (WEEI-FM/WHTT/WMRQ/WODS) Boston (Wikipedia) Format: CHR Branding: “HitRadio 103 FM” Featured Air Personality: Doug Alling Contributor: Steve McVie (Website) Total Time: 2:31 (Telescoped) Airchexx Entry: 1,547 Is Santa Claus coming to Natic this year?… Curator’s Notes: […]

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Composite: 103.3 WEEI-FM Boston | December 2, 1982

Date of Recording: 12.02.1982 Station: 103.3 WEEI-FM (WEEI-FM/WHTT/WMRQ/WODS) Boston (Wikipedia) Format: CHR Branding: “HitRadio 103” Featured Air Personalities: Doug Alling, Alex Stone, Dick Guntin, Hillary Stevens Contributor: Steve McVie (Website) Total Time: 7:29 (Telescoped) Airchexx Entry: 1,546 HitRadio 103 WEEI-FM with Dick […]

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Composite: Final Day as “Hot Hits” “Fire 14”, 1390 WFBL Syracuse | November 15, 1980

Date of Recording: 11.15.1980 Station: 1390 WFBL Syracuse Format: Top 40/CHR Branding: “Hot Hits“(tm) (Wikipedia), “Fire 14” Featured Air Personality: Various Contributor: Steve McVie (Website) Total Time: 11:55 (Telescoped) Airchexx Entry: 1,544 It’s Nine O’Clock, Exciting Todd Parker working NIGHTS!… Curator’s Notes: […]

Tagged 1390 Syracuse, Fire 14, HOT HITS, Todd Parker, WFBL
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Mike Preston, 102.9 KSDO-FM San Diego | August 3, 1984

Date of Recording: 08.03.1984 Station: 102.9 KSDO-FM (KSWV/KCLX-FM/KKBH-FM/KJQY/KCDE/KLQV), San Diego, California, USA Format: CHR Trademarked “Hot Hits” tm Branded “KS-103” Featured Air Personality: Mike Preston Date of Posting: 09.03.2017 Total Time: 9:05 Telescoped Airchexx Entry: 1,505 Comments: Be listening for “Billie Jean” […]

Tagged 102.9 San Diego, Daniel Coulombe, Hot Hits (tm), KCDE, KCLX-FM