Ron Lundy

Ron Lundy, WABC New York | July 29, 1970

Date of Recording: 07.29.1970 Station: 770 WABC New York Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Ron Lundy (WIL/WABC/WCBS-FM) (June 25, 1934 – March 15, 2010) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Hello Love! Original Comments: Here’s Ron Lundy at a very sold out WABC! While this is scoped, the unscoped version still has more commercials than music. You’ll need patience to listen to this, as the source audio as we received it is choppy and a bit muddy, otherwise its a great representation of America at the height of the Vietnam war. Listen for a full newscast including stories about fish with mercury, extreme pollution, a heatwave causing reductions of electricity, and more.

Memorial Day Remembrances – WABC Rewound 2007 – Hour 1

For eight years, from 1999 to 2007, NewsTalk 77 WABC New York took one day out of the year to remember it’s historic music radio format. It was a treat for listeners, and while pre-produced by then Production Director Johnny Donovan (himself a jock during the MusicRadio 77 years), it also gave the talk show hosts the Memorial Day holiday off. Once again, we here at Airchexx would like to present portions of these programs for your Memorial Day enjoyment. Some of you will have the time to sit in front of a computer or mobile device and listen today, others will listen at a later time. But please take the time out both to honor those who fought and never returned for our freedoms, and those who entertained us as the very best American radio had to offer. November 21, 1981. This hour is...

Ron Lundy, 77 WABC New York // WABC Rewound 2003

Date of Recording: May, 2003 Station: 770 WABC New York Format: News/Talk Featured Air Personality: Ron Lundy Producer: Johnny Donovan Airchexx Entry: 1,489 … Hello Love!! Comments: At one point early on in the evolution of this website, we had posted the entire broadcast day of WABC Rewound on Memorial Day, 2003. Over various moves, a few of the master CD archive copies were damaged beyond repair. Here is one which survived intact. Ron Lundy is the featured jock. The year is 1975 and the music really sizzled on MusicRadio 77! Rewound was a great feature that WABC did for about eight years, before Johnny Donovan retired from WABC. The show actually started in 1999, the first year it was done live, hosted by then WABC Talk show host Mike Gallagher. Several years later, 89 WLS Chicago ...

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