Stacey Salant

Buzznet Media Presents: 99! – The Ultimate Radio Format!

A sequel is usually reserved for TV and the Movies. But the original NINE! – The Ultimate Radio Format, done in 1974, was so good and found its way into the headphones of so many jocks over the years, that the original crew reunited to give the original a facelift. Like the original, this is SO prophetic! Recorded only three years after the infamous Telecommunications Act of 1996 which changed the face and sound of radio forever, this group of creative genius found a humorous way to predict the future of radio. And so far, it’s been totally correct! Curator’s Notes: A few important things. First, this truly is an original, donated to me, personally, by one of the East Coast’s most brilliant programmers ever, Pete Salant (Ironically, then-recently let go by iHeart Me...

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