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68 WRKO “Blooper Tape, circa 1968-73

For you radio people, how many of you remember sitting down at a staff meeting or a holiday party at some restaurant, and the GM or PD pulled out this tape of bloopers, things nobody was EVER supposed to hear? How many […]

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“Exciting” Mike Adams, 68 WRKO Boston | August, 1976

“How ’bout some concert tickets, eh… Caller number NINE…” You’ll love this rather short, but high-energy aircheck of Mike Adams on WRKO during Boston’s Bicentennail celebration in the Summer of 1976! One can’t help but be swept up in the excitement heard […]

Tagged 106.7 Boston, 680 Boston, Mike Addams, WMJX, wrko

Big Ron O’Brien, Willie B & Tom Murphy; 68 WRKO Boston | November 30, 1978

Six O’Clock on your cruise through the ozone with Big Ron O’Brien… Curator’s Notes: A full, daytime scope of WRKO and a few of its iconic personalities are featured here in late 1978. It opens with Big Ron O’Brien, then Willie B., […]

Tagged 680 Boston, Big Ron O'Brien, John Masters, Tom Murphy, Willie B.

World Exclusive! Ron O’Brien, 68 WRKO Boston | September 17, 1978

Recording Date: 09.17.1978 Station: 680 WRKO (WNAC) Boston Format: Top 40 Branded: 68 WRKO – Boston’s Concert Station; Boston’s Super Star Station Featured Air Personality: Ron O’Brien (Real Name: Richard Walls; October 24, 1951 – April 27, 2008) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks […]

Tagged 1978, 680 Boston, Ron O'Brien, wrko

New England Sampler #2 – Composite: 68 WRKO Boston | March 31, 1980

Date of Recording: 03.31.1980 Station: 680 WRKO Boston Format: Top 40 Featured Air Talent: Various. See Description below. Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Total Time: 6:06 Post Date: 11.30.2017 Airchexx Entry: 1,528 … Presenting Elton John at the Music Hall… This has not […]

Tagged 680 Boston, Ann Salsberg, Bill Smith, Carol Ann Murdoch, Charlie Van Dyke

Charlie Van Dyke & Company, 68 WRKO Boston | April 6, 1979

Date of Recording: 04.06.1979 Station: 68 WRKO (WNAC) Boston, Massachusetts, USA Format :Top 40 (News/Talk) Featured Air Personality: Charlie Van Dyke (KHJ/WLS) Contributor: Bob Gilmore ( Original Post Date: 02.01.2010 Airchexx Entry: 985 Curator’s Notes: This is posted today as part of […]

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Charlie Van Dyke, WRKO Boston | April 6, 1979

Date of Recording: 04.06.1979 Station: 680 WRKO (WNAC) Boston, Massachusetts, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Talent: Charlie Van Dyke (jock), Ed Walsh (News), Bill Rossi (Sports), Jordan Rich (Weather) Contributor: Bob Gilmore Date of Posting: 09.18.2017 Total Time: 28:24 (Telescoped) Airchexx […]

Tagged 680 Boston, Bill Rossi, Charlie Van Dyke, Jordan Rich, WNAC

J.J. Jeffrey/Chuck Knapp and the “Top 300 Best of All Time”, 68 WRKO Boston | October 20, 1967

Our good friend Bob Gilmore returns with another fantastic aircheck of old! It seems kind of odd that WRKO, a new station at this point, having flipped to Top 40 from the former WNAC earlier in the year, would be counting down […]

Tagged 680 Boston, Bill Drake, Bob Gilmore, chuck knapp, J.J. Jeffrey