Chris Bailey, WAXC Rochester | 1974

This aircheck has a few surprises for our listeners. Not only is Chris Baily a talented jock, but a famous one, as it turns out – Charlie Tuna. No, not THAT Charlie Tuna, a guy in Cleveland. Actually, the real story is described by Contributor Steve Bleecker:

This is Jim Rafte ! He now resides in Dover Delaware . Shortly after working for Larry White (P.D.) at WAXC, Jim, who used the name Chris Bailey at WAXC , was hired by The REAL Chris Bailey (WRKO)…and became “Charlie Tuna” at “G 98” WGCL, Cleveland, Ohio , where he did Afternoons

Special thanks to WAXC PD Larry White for archiving this aircheck.
More to come from Contributor Steve Bleecker!