Composite: 68 WRKO Boston | 1974

680 Boston WRKO Chip Hobart, Dale Dorman Johnny Dark Harry Nelson JJ Jordan JJ Wright Mike Addams Eric Chase Charlie Van Dyke Jordan Rich JJ Jeffrey Charlie Fox 68 RKO

Contributor Steve Bleecker assures us that “No one else has this”!

One listen to this nine minute scope of the Big 68 and you’ll be instantly teleported into radio heaven. That is, if you were a fan of mid-1970s RKO General stations. This is almost a *perfect* recording which has held up well for nearly 40 years to land here at for public exhibit.

This begins right where each weekday would have in Boston, with Dale Dorman in the morning drive chair. Dale is upbeat and silly on this particular day… and boy does he sound YOUNG here. Yes, that makes a difference to some of us old guys. Then, this blows on through the rest of the broadcast day, with Johnny Dark, Jack O’Brien, the GREAT Harry Nelson, ‘Exciting’ Mike Addams, J.J. Wright and ending with Eric Chase.

Every one of the jocks on this composite were great in their own right and were all known at other stations both in Boston and elsewhere. Some examples include Harry Nelson, who was famous at KFRC San Francisco and at WJBQ Portland Maine, Johnny Dark, who spent time at WNBC New York, Mike Addams, known for a time in Springfield Mass at WAQY, J.J. Wright who was very well known in Boston not only at WRKO, but for a long while at WXKS-FM “Kiss 108” and the former 103.3 WODS. Eric Chase? He also spent time in San Francisco at KFRC and probably some other places.

While we think this is just TOO short, we’re also very grateful to Contributor Steve Bleecker just for sending in a ‘virgin’ aircheck from one of America’s greatest AM Top 40 stations, 68 WRKO.