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Upcoming Airchecks: 680 WNAC from 1961

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Tis the season for new old radio!  I've got a whopper of an aircheck for you, courtesy of a new group handling the former "Aircheck Factory" tape collection from the late Tom Konard.   It *may* post this week, if I can find a bit more spare time.  


Bostonians may remember Gus Saunders, who is the WNAC news anchor on this tape.  Jess Cain, who spent decades at the old Radio 85 WHDH competing with, first, Carl DeSuze and then Dave Maynard (and often winning the ratings), holds down the WNAC morning show.  This is from an era long passed, when cigarettes were staples of radio broadcasting, the way car dealerships are today, beer commercials were still heard at all hours of the day, and the music heard on THIS tape, is NOTHING that resembles the national Billboard music charts for 1961 - probably because WNAC was not the Top 40 station it would become as WRKO half a decade later, and the music was made by adults, for adults.  Can you imagine walking into the music library at a station like WNAC, or even WBZ back then?   There used to be whole rooms dedicated to nothing but 78 and 45 RPM records at big city stations like that!

If you have some memories of WNAC or WRKO (AM OR FM), be sure to join in the conversation here!

Steve West