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New LIVE CHAT is now available here at Airchexx Classic Radio

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Steve West
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I thought it would be a good idea to add a live chat feature.  Often times, people have questions about some of the airchecks we post here, and either I or Ellis Feaster are usually around to answer those questions.   If we aren't here, there are people who know about the radio stations who can explain much of the behind the scenes stuff for you.

The rules are simple.  NO politics or religion.  Airchexx is a place of happiness and we don't need divisive political bull here.   No spam.  No self-promotion - as in, if you have your own internet station (like I do) or you're looking for radio work, this isn't the place for it.   I will add a job board later if there's enough interest in it.

Keep it to the topic of radio and airchecks and everything will run smoothly.   Mentions of amateur radio or CB are allowed, as many of us got into those hobbies after listening to broadcast radio.

See that green icon at the bottom right called, "We Are Here"?  Click on that and it'll open a chat window.  Enjoy.