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[Sticky] Announcing the All-New HitOldies - The Blend

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Re-branding is a fact of radio, and it's a fact that most traditional Oldies stations have had to move away from 60s and early 70s music as the audience ages out.  Simple fact is, most of the audience who remembers the 1960s music is now dead or no longer listening to radio of any kind - and over 65 aren't necessarily web-savvy.  So it is that I decided to take in a different direction.  We're skewing newer.   

Now, before Oldies fans start panicking, I'm not going THAT much newer.  It's more of a tweak than a major format change.  However, some things will improve upon what we had before.

Here's what HitOldies is going to be once the change is complete:

The music is centered around the year 1984, goes back and forward 10 years either side.  So, yes.  We are playing the 1990s.  The music is a more adult contemporary blend.  No hard rock, no rap.  Otherwise, the format is very close to CHR.

Weekday shows.   Steve Garren returns from a well deserved break with a new show 6-10am.  It's called "Steve Garren's Morning Blend".  His show, his idea and the name stuck.  10am - 2pm a new personality joins HitOldies.  Please join me in welcoming Rhonda Blake to the family.  Rhonda has been working in the south for a long time and she sounds great on the radio.    Rounding out the daytime lineup, Rockin' Richie Norris returns to do 2-6pm daily.  

6pm to Midnight, HitOldies hosts the WBLQ Time Machine, live on both HitOldies and Stereo 1230 and 103.1 FM WBLQ in Westerly, RI and at  Your jocks are me (Steve West), Magic Matt Craig, Gary James and Steve Garren.  We each have a night, except for me - I take most of the week when the rest are off.  

Overnights Midnight to 6am, HitOldies proudly presents the "Overnight Blend".  6 hours of soft rock favorites from the late 70s through the 1990s.

If it's been a while since you listened, please come sample us again.  We're on Online Radio Box,, TuneIn, MyTunerRadio and at our website, // .