Dan Ingram, MusicRadio 77 WABC | May 9, 1975

770 New York, The Music's On Us 1977

Dan IngramOver the years, we’ve heard lots of WABC airchecks. And there’s a lot of Dan Ingram stuff out there. It’s RARE to find something new, never posted before and even more rare to hear something restored as this one is!

One of Contributor Bob Gilmore’s hobbies is re-engineering old mono 45 rpm records from the 1950s & 60s and turning them into remastered stereo recordings. Taking that one step further, Bob took this aircheck he recorded back in 1975 and completely remastered it in STEREO! Remember, WABC was never in AM stereo, so about the closest thing you could imagine would be if there was still a WABC-FM in 1975. 95.5 used to be WABC-FM but became Album Rocker WPLJ in the early 70s. So, imagine if you were hearing Dan Ingram’s WABC show on FM… this is likely what it would sound like.

The “$25,000 Button” contest is in full swing, and we hear promos for it all over this aircheck. Also notable on this aircheck: Dan Ingram makes a MISTAKE! Listen about mid-way through as he announces the #1 song which is actually the #2 song for the week – and he has fun with it. That was always the magic of Big Dan… even if he messed up, he made everyone laugh! Radio done right!

Enjoy this slice of MusicRadio 77 in full stereo, and UNSCOPED! You can view the scoped version below from our official “AIRCHEXX CLASSIC RADIO” YouTube Channel BELOW.


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