Dan Taylor; Weekend Time Machine, 66 WNBC New York | September 12, 1987

660 New York WNBC Time Machine

660 New York WNBC
Dan Taylor and friends. Taken on the final day of WNBC.

Frank Davis sent us a lot of WNBC Time Machine recordings. Enough so that we might end up with the world’s largest collection of WNBC’s Weekend Time Machine!

As a side note, a basic google search brings up dozens of links to places selling, of all things, “Time Machine” airchecks on CD, youtube re-mixes of our WNBC content and more.  The web, being what it is, there’s nothing we can do here at airchecks, other than to say, our content is original recordings and we don’t charge you for it!

By 1987, Oldies had become the biggest music format on WNBC. Contemporary music by this time was confined to The Imus in the Morning Program. Ray D’Ariano had midday Oldies, and Alan Colmes had a mostly talk and variety program every afternoon during 1987 and 1988. There was still Sportsnight every evening, and the Overnight Time Machine occupied the 12 Midnight to 5:30 block weekdays. Beginning in January of ’87, The Time Machine expanded from weekday Overnights to include Weekends and Holidays.

Somehow, WNBC always managed to have the best talent for all of its programs. The Oldies jocks were the best in the business and all moved on to other major market things after WNBC expired in 1988. Most recently, Dan Taylor, featured on this aircheck, was the Morning Man at 101.1 WCBS-FM, until being displaced by legendary Z100 creator and morning host Scott Shannon. Taylor had been a staple in Country radio, at the old 1050 WHN, and after WNBC, at 97.1/103.5 WYNY.

660 New York WNBC Time Machine DanTaylor CBS-FM


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