October 28, 2021

3 thoughts on “Glen Burnie & Richard Hamilton, 1290 WGLI Babylon NY | July, 1982

  1. Contrary to Glen’s announcement at the end of the second song, that dates back to 1962, not 1959. “I Found A Love” was recorded by an R&B group called The Falcons, of which Wilson Pickett (heard doing lead vocals on this song) was a member at the time. The Falcons, however, *was* the same group who had a hit with “You’re So Fine” in 1959. I don’t know if Glen Burnie was thinking of that song, nor if Wilson Pickett was with the group then (though the lead vocals sound nowhere even close to Pickett), but…

  2. Hi David,
    The Falcons with Joe Stubbs as lead singer,on the record “You’re So Fine” was a major hit in 1959.
    After singing for four years with the locally popular gospel-harmony group, The Violinaires, Wilson Pickett, lured by the success of other gospel singers of the day, who left gospel music in the late 1950s for the more lucrative R & B music market, joined the Falcons in 1959. Wilson Pickett’s biggest success with The Falcons came in 1962, when “I Found a Love,” (co-authored by Pickett and featuring his lead vocals), peaked at #6 on the R&B chart, and at #75 on the Hot 100. The Falcons-I Found A Love with Wilson Pickett Lead Singer Original Record Issue LU PINE 1003 (1962) Wilson Pickett’s version of “I Found A Love was released in 1967. and showed up on his 1967 Album “The Best of Wilson Picket”, Atlantic Records SD 8151
    You are correct David.
    Ira alias Glen

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