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Glen Stevens, 610 WSNG Torrington CT | 1979

New Contributor Glen Rappolt says this is the aircheck that got him hired at WAQY “Wacky 102” Springfield. It’s a great aircheck, and shows a couple of things. First, the only description of WSNG online (aside from its current description under the Talk of Connecticut radio network established by Buckley Broadcasting), from Wiki… says WSNG was a ‘Full Service’ station. Listening to this, one has to wonder, since WSNG was obviously playing all the hit songs at this point in time, was it close to Top 40? Sure sounds like it. The quality of this is amazing, as well. We did no processing whatsoever to this for presentation. And that’s rare!

Enjoy this slice of AM radio history, in the final year before AM radio slid down that long hill to the virtual abyss that the medium sits in today.

610 Torrington Hartford WSNG Glen Stevens

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