October 25, 2021

1 thought on “News with Steve Tefft, 960 WELI New Haven | March 30, 1988

  1. When I worked at WELI (1984-’89) the station called itself “Total Radio”–news and traffic at :00 and :30, sports at :15 and :45, with music (Top 40) in-between. We were one of the first AM stations to go AM-stereo, an experiment that failed due to lack of an industry standard. Our weekday jocks were Ron Rohmer (5:30-10AM), Jay McCormick (10-2) and Dan Martin (2-6). At night it was talk with Jerry Dunklee (6-9) and Chris Plass (9-12). Dunklee and Plass were supplanted by Art Barrett (RIP) and Steve Kalb. In the mid-90s, ‘ELI went all talk. Glenn Beck passed through there for a while.

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