J. Michael Fox & Tom Jeffries on 94.5 WZOU Boston | August 13, 1986

For the fans, this is VINTAGE Z-94! Across town, CBS had just thrown in the towel on Hitradio 103 WHTT, moving it to AAA right around the time of this aircheck. As you’ve read elsewhere on this site, WZOU nearly went back to rock, but gave CHR new life when their crosstown rival cashed out.

Here’s two capable jocks with all the great formatics the 80s version of this station was known for. Compare this to our 1991 aircheck and see how far the station had fallen by that time.

94.5 WZOU

4 Replies to “J. Michael Fox & Tom Jeffries on 94.5 WZOU Boston | August 13, 1986”

  1. Jim

    Absolutely right. This was the beginning of Harry Nelson’s reign at ZOU. In fact, this was the very first week of the “Z-94” era. It happened at just the right time for those of us who were still mourning the loss of WHTT. Tom Jeffries would take over for Harry Nelson when the station was sold the next year. Its too bad because I grew up with this station and the on-air staff Harry put together was just terrific. Brian Pierce joined a couple of months after this check, then “incredible” Bob Campbell was the night guy, followed by Karen Blake. Jay Michael Fox would leave “z” and Brian Pierce switched to mornings with Judy Paperelli. When Brian Pierce left, Judy Paperelli was teamed with Mike Adams and Christian Paul. Others at the time included Dan Justin (now of WMJX), John Willis, AKA jw (now of country WKLB), Dan Mccoy and Bob Travis. These were all personalities that the whole family could listen to in the car and I’m sorry it didn’t last.

  2. Robert

    Harry Nelson is great people! I remember the summer of 1985 when there were 4 hit music stations in Boston…Kiss 108, WZOU, WHTT, and WKKT.

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