Joel Cash, 68 WRKO Boston | August, 1972


Date of Recording: August, 1972 (Exact date unknown)
Station: 680 WRKO Boston, Massachusetts
Featured Air Talent: Joel Cash
Contributor: Robyn Watts – 114 Unique Additions as of this aircheck!
Aircheck Entry: 1,419


Four minutes, 16 seconds is all we get of Joel Cash, sitting in on the Dale Dorman show. Joel only says his name once, which, considering this is probably a half hour unscoped recording, is pretty remarkable! Plenty of those early accapella jingles! Also take note, the music in this era was rather subdued. Part of it was likely this being the morning show. The other factor was the music itself. Lots of ballads in ’72, like Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, lots of songs in rotation by Bread and The Carpenters. What, you need to be reminded?

One of the things that one could always count on at RKO General-owned stations was to hear commercials for General Tires. Seemingly every commercial break, every day every year for the roughly 15 years that WRKO was playing popular music! Well, that’s corporate for you. Here, you get to hear a ‘live’ spot read by Joel Cash.

Overall, this is somewhat representative of WRKO, sort of in-transition from it’s earlier “Now Radio” Top 40 sound in the 60s to the uptempo Rocker WRKO became in the mid to late 1970s. We won’t talk about the 80s- something about Christopher Cross and Air Supply records swamping WRKO’s last gasp at being a music station doesn’t always sit well… although I liked the artists but 1981 was a stinky year for AM Top 40 radio.

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3 Replies to “Joel Cash, 68 WRKO Boston | August, 1972”

  1. Ross

    1510 WMEX with its wider playlist and ‘more personality’ delivery was starting to make inroads on WRKO around the summer of 1971, and apparently ‘RKO responded by loosening up. by ’73, WRKO almost sounded like an AOR station as ratings sagged. in ’74, Gerry Peterson came in as PD and put the station back on a more high-energy top 40 uptempo music approach. the result: WRKO’s first ever #1 ranking in Boston.

  2. Steve Bleecker

    Ditto Don ! I don’t think I ever thought as highly of Joel Cash…as I do NOW, after having listened to this all too brief clip Steve Bleecker

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