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John Cadillac Seville
John "Cadillac" Saville

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Here’s the first of what we hope to be many demo ‘tapes’ from personalities who are currently active in the radio business. John Cadillac Saville sent in a few pieces of his recent work. He included his latest demo. What we did here was to take some breaks from the other short airchecks and insert them into his current demo.
John writes…

“Thank you Steve West for this AMAZING site! To be featureed along with so many wonderful talents is an honor! And I must say, it’s an honor being a part of the iHeart Rado Family in Hartford on Country 925, The River 105.9 and Kiss 957. Plus I’ve been a guest on ESPN Radio! I’m like a kid in a candy store everytime I’m on the radio.

I’ve known radio was the career I wanted since I was knee high to a grasshopper!”

This is our very first actual “Jock Demo” for the new category. The idea behind it is this: For all these years, we have posted air work that’s mostly been recorded by someone with little knowledge that their recording might be archived somewhere. The idea behind “The Demo” category is for the jocks themselves come to donate their own work. That way, visitors can look for jocks and find their favorite DJ along with all his or her work at various stations.

We are proud to add this new category after all these years.
In this case, because it’s and demos will be treated like airchecks and archived for years to come, I thought it best to add a bit to it and create a nice future classic aircheck post.John Saville is passionate about radio, the music and most especially, the listeners. He’s a people person. He loves talking to others! He also owns his own mobile DJ service, which has been active for over two decades!  I’m thrilled to have John Cadillac Man Saville be our very first addition! – /Steve West, Founder.
Audio player follows THIS message…

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John Saville shares an important, uplifting video shot at iHeart Media Hartford Studios. You need to watch it.

John is active on facebook and you can contact him anytime through social media, or by sending a message to us here at


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