MG Kelly, 94.3 KMXN Garden Grove (Los Angeles) | September 5, 2001

94.3 Los Angeles KEBN
Today's KEBN, formerly KMXN
MG "Machine Gun" Kelly
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Lemme give you my private line… Please do not give this out to anyone!!”

Curator’s Notes:

Finding this aircheck was a shock! Shocking, because this is not a format or station I would have expected to hear MG Kelly on. No, really. The format is called “Modern AC” and was popular around the time of the early 2000s. In fact, this station existed from 2000 to 2003 before finally flipping to Spanish.

This is scoped, but Kelly is heard after a couple of sweepers. His personality shines here, just as it does everywhere he has been heard.

Commercials have been left intact for historical purposes.


  1. Mav3rick

    ‪WHOA! I feel stupid as an MG Kelly fan and a connoisseur of LA radio history. I never knew MG Kelly was ever on 94.3 KMXN Garden Grove. This is a treasure!

  2. Lucky Lou

    Never heard of this station. However MG Kelly is the gold standard as a jock and performer (actor and musician). “It’s a different caliber”, Yes sir it is, those in the know totally understand that. My question is what is MG doing these days?

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